Dealing With Unexpected Side Effects Of Prohormones? What Are Your Natural Bodybuilding Options?

If you've been using testosterone-based prohormones as a legal and effective way to help build muscle mass or recover more quickly while training for a strength event, you may find yourself dealing with some unwanted or unexpected side effects -- from mood swings to breast swelling or tenderness. While prohormones can be key in quickly rising through the fitness ranks, in some cases you may find the side effects you're experiencing off-putting enough to cause you to stop taking prohormone-based supplements entirely. Read on to learn more about some of the best legal steroids, as well as a few of your options if you feel that prohormones aren't providing you with enough of a benefit to outweigh the side effects you are experiencing. 

What are your safe and legal options to boost muscle mass if prohormones aren't working well for you?

Although many users can find prohormones to provide them with a tremendous boost in stamina and strength, some may suffer unexpected or relatively uncommon side effects that can diminish satisfaction in the positive impact of these compounds. Like other natural and chemical compounds that affect the balance of testosterone in your body, prohormones occasionally cause breast tissue swelling (gynecomastia), bursts of irrational anger, acne, or even hair loss. If these side effects are serious enough to affect your self esteem or physical health, you'll want to switch to another legal, natural way to help build muscle to determine whether this is a better fit for your body.

  • Ecdysterone

One alternative to prohormones is the "natural anabolic" ecdysterone. Derived from insects, this biosteroid can improve your ability to retain nitrogen and convert dietary protein. In addition to its bodybuilding and endurance-enhancing properties, ecdysterone has even been found to improve sexual function in some cases. Other preliminary research on this supplement has indicated it could provide a way to boost bone mass for individuals suffering from osteoporosis or even reduce resting blood sugar levels for those dealing with Type II diabetes. 

This can be an ideal supplement to use when you are training for an event that will require more endurance than you've ever needed before, like a marathon, triathlon, or lengthy bike ride. 

If you'd like to begin an ecdysterone regimen, you will be able to safely take a dosage of up to 5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day (or around 2.2 milligrams per pound). Many ecdysterone supplements are sold in capsules containing a relatively light 50 to 90 milligrams, so you may need to take several capsules per day in order to achieve your fitness goals. 

  • Methoxy

Another popular natural anabolic is commonly known as methoxy. This supplement is often combined with ecdysterone, as they operate using similar mechanisms and both biosteroids require a significant uptick in protein consumption to achieve their maximum effect. When using these products, you'll want to add a protein shake or egg-heavy breakfast into your diet to ensure you're giving your body the fuel it needs to build lean muscle mass and improve overall muscle function.

Unlike anabolic steroids and other testosterone-based supplements, natural anabolics like prohormones, methoxy, and ecdysterone will not have any toxic or long-term impact on your liver or other internal organs. If you find that prohormones just don't seem to be the right choice for your training regimen, you may want to experiment with some natural anabolics to find the right balance of muscle boosting impact and minimal or manageable side effects. These compounds are quick-acting, and in many cases you'll notice an effect on your energy levels or musculature within just a few days or weeks.