Emotional Benefits Of Seizure-Alert Dogs For Children

Seizure alert dogs are a great benefit if your child is suffering from epilepsy or another condition with frequent seizures. These dogs are specifically trained to tune into the signs of an oncoming seizure, sometimes well before the person themselves realize it. This allows you, as a parent, time to take action to keep your child safe and healthy. However, they also provide a great deal of emotional support to your child during a seizure. Consider these indirect benefits of having a seizure alert dog for your child.

Confidence is increased:

Seizures can be scary for some children, especially if they're alone and afraid. Seizure alert dogs give enough of a heads up so that you will be alerted either before a seizure or at the earliest onset of one. That way, you can be with your child to comfort and render aid as needed. Even if you weren't close by, the dog will stay close to the child so he or she is not alone. This can make seizures less scary and stressful for your child and increase their confidence because they don't have to worry about being alone and feeling helpless when one happens.

They can provide social benefits:

Children who have seizures may be treated as outcasts by other children who do not understand the condition. Some children may even have to wear helmets to prevent hurting their heads when they're having a seizure which increases their "different-ness" to other children. A seizure-alert dog can help alleviate some of the loneliness that they may experience because of their condition. The dog can also be a social ice breaker as many children will notice and be drawn to the dog and thus be more inclined to talk to and get to know your child better.

They help provide comfort during medical procedures:

Kids who have a chronic medical condition often get tired of all the doctors appointments, medical procedures and blood draws they they have to go through in order to stay healthy. The dog not only keeps your child calm, but he or she can provide comfort and even a distraction during an uncomfortable procedure. Being able to bring the dog along may make it more likely that your child won't resist seeing the doctor.

Seizure dogs are great for any family which has a child suffering from epilepsy or any other seizure-prone condition. They can help the child negotiate some of the unpleasantness of having the condition and improve their quality of life. If you are interested in getting a seizure-alert dog for your child, there are organizations which specialize in training them so you can get an immediate benefit after adopting one.