Tips For Helping Your Child Bond With His Or Her Nurse

If you have a child that has a chronic illness, there is a good chance that you have spent the money to have a nurse on hand to take care of him or her at home. This is especially important if you need to go to work and are not able to provide the level of care that your child needs remotely. However, your child might be afraid or resent the intrusion of a stranger in his or her home, especially if he or she is already tired and scared from being sick and in pain a lot of the time. Here are some tips for helping your child bond with his or her nurse so that the nurse is able to give the highest level of care possible.

1. Provide a List of Your Child's Favorite Subjects Ahead of Time

It will help a nurse be prepared to deal with a child if he or she already knows that he or she is interested in dinosaurs, space, fire fighters, princesses, or the American Civil War. Encourage the nurse to spend an hour reading up on the subject that your child is currently obsessed with so that your nurse and your child have something to talk about. A good nurse will be able to read just enough to formulate questions that will allow your child to tell him or her all about what he or she read on the Internet or from books. 

If your child has no strong interests in a specific topic, he or she likely has something that he or she loves, like sports, books with horses, or drawing. Give your nurse this information as well so that the nurse can know of a way to make a connection.

2. Inform the Nurse of the Disciplinary System You Have in Your Home

You probably have a system for disciplining your child. Make the transition from parent to nurse seamless by having your nurse follow the same system. This will help your child have a sense of continuity in changes of care and allow him or her to feel as though he or she knows what to expect for certain types of behavior. This can help your child feel more in control and therefore less wary of the newcomer.

3. Provide Things for Your Nurse and Your Child to Do Together

Finally, invest in some 2 player board games or some multiplayer video games so that your nurse and your child can spend some quality time genuinely interacting with one another.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in at home child nurse services.