Skip the Artificial Knee: How Artificial Fluid Changes Knee Surgery

If your doctor says you need knee surgery, you may be thinking that your whole life is ending. Many people feel that way because of the limited knowledge they have regarding knee replacements and artificial knees. Truth be told, medical science has advanced so far that you no longer need a complete knee replacement, dozens of stitches, endless pain, and weeks or months of physical therapy. Still, if you abhor the thought of having your patella (knee cap) and other knee-related bones removed and/or replaced, there is a better way: artificial knee fluid.

What Is "Artificial Knee Fluid"?

Knees, shoulders, and other articulating joints rely heavily on the body's production of synovial fluid. Synovial fluid has the consistency of runny egg yolk, but is clear. It lubricates the joints so that the bones do not grind against each other and move freely on a cushion of fluid. Medical research and development in recent years has found a way to create and manufacture this fluid artificially.

Who Can Use Artificial Synovial Fluid?

Artificial synovial fluid is an excellent alternative to knee surgery when you have healthy knees, healthy ligaments, and healthy tendons in your knees. When there is no noticeable damage to the different parts of your knee, but you are in constant pain, the artificial synovial fluid is ideal. Depending on how often your body metabolizes these substances, your doctor can prescribe injections of the fluid directly into your knees on a weekly, semi-weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

How Does It Work?

Artificial synovial fluid has the same consistency as your own synovial fluid. When it is injected into your knees behind the knee caps, it fills the spaces in between the bones of the joints and lubricates them. You are able to move your knees as freely as you did when you were younger and often with less pain. The injections are probably the most painful part of the process. However, it is something many patients would prefer to endure over knee surgery and/or would prefer to surgery period.

While artificial synovial fluid is certainly a preferential alternative to knee surgery, it may just be a "band-aid" treatment for you. For some patients, injections of the fluid only delays the inevitable, which is, of course, surgery. You and your doctor can discuss the possibility of using just the artificial synovial injections for a time to see if you are one of the lucky few who will not need surgery in the future. Talk to doctors at clinics like Omaha Orthopedic Clinic & Sports Medicine PC for more information.