Causes And Treatment Of Neck And Back Pain

If you have ever suffered from back or neck pain, you know that it can be very debilitating. If the pain is bad enough, just getting up from a chair or couch can hurt and trying to get through the day may be a struggle. There are treatments for pain like this but they vary greatly because the cause of the pain can be very different. Here are some things you can do if you have back or neck pain and some of the things that can cause it:

Muscle Strains

The most common cause of pain in the back or neck is related to muscle strains. Sometimes simply bend or trusting the wrong way can cause a strain of the muscle that supports your back and spine. The muscles can become irritated and inflamed but since they are core muscles, we keep right on using them. The sore muscles don't get to rest and heal so back pain and sometimes neck pain is the result. If you have strained a muscle, the best treatment is resting the muscle. Often your doctor will prescribe a muscle relaxer and a pain medication for severe strains but rest for the muscle is still going to be important.

Back and Neck Injuries

In some cases, back and neck pain can be related to an injury that has caused damage to the muscles, disks, or bones in the spine. The pain from such injuries can be severe and treatment by a doctor is important. Depending on the complaint and the way you injured your back or neck, the doctor may require x rays or an MRI to see just how back the damage is. The treatment can be very different for a muscle injury then it would be a broken bone or damaged disk in your spine.

Surgical Intervention

If you have damage that is severe in your back or neck, the doctor may recommend surgical treatments. Sometimes that may involve fusing vertebrae together or adding hardware to help support your spine but in any case, surgery to the neck and back can have risks. Be sure that you ask about them and understand what you might be dealing with as a result of the surgery.

Chiropractic Care

Your doctor may suggest you see a chiropractor to have your back "adjusted" and aligned. This can be very helpful for some types of back or neck pain but is not right for every situation. Some people find it so therapeutic that they schedule regular visits to the chiropractor to keep everything aligned. There are even people taking children to the chiropractor at a young age to help avoid injuries through preventative care. Check with your doctor first to be sure this is appropriate for you, especially if you have had an injury to your back or neck. You do not want to aggravate an injury.

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