4 Tips For Your Child’s Feet

You have a lot to worry about when it comes to your child, including ensuring they stay healthy. However, too many parents overlook an important body part: the feet. Many problems can develop in childhood, so it's important to protect your child's feet from the start. Check out these four tips for caring for your kid's feet.

Pick the Right Shoe

Finding the right shoe size for your child can be difficult because you can't feel what they feel. This is why it is important to regularly talk to your child about the comfort of their shoes. Kid's feet grow fast, so your child will need to change shoe sizes often. Failing to do this leads to developmental problems as the feet cannot properly stretch and grow. One method for ensuring the shoe fits is to see where it flexes on the foot. It should flex at the tip of the shoe but not in the middle.

Don't Restrict Movement

When your child is outside playing, shoes are a must, but while your kid is still a young toddler, wearing shoes all the time isn't a good idea, especially because your child is unable to tell you if the shoes fit. During this time, it's best to keep your child's feet bare. Even once your toddler starts walking, let them walk inside without shoes. This actually helps shape and strengthen the foot so it develops properly.

Clip Toenails Properly

Clipping your child's toenails may seem scary because their toes are so small. However, keeping the proper toenail length is extremely important. If you fail to keep your child's toenails properly trimmed, it can lead to painful ingrown toenails and infection. However, when trimming your child's toenails, make sure you don't trim them too short as this can also lead to discomfort and infection. The key is to keep the tip of the toenail equal to the tip of the toe.

Inspect Your Child's Feet

As soon as your baby is born, start paying attention to their feet, and when they start walking, pay attention to their gait. This will help you spot any sudden abnormalities. Keep in mind, however, that children often have an awkward gait, but they grow out of it. If your child doesn't seem to be growing out it, make an appointment with a podiatrist to have your child's feet inspected.

It's best to stop problems while your child is still young, so make sure you care for your child's feet. If you are worried about a developmental problem or your child complains of foot and ankle pain, contact a podiatrist in your area today.