About Your Colonoscopy

If you have to have a colonoscopy soon, then you want to be sure you know just what to expect. Not only will you want to know what you can expect before and during the colonoscopy, but you'll also want to know what will happen after. This article will offer you this information so you can be well educated on the colonoscopy procedure, as well as other areas of concern and tips for preparing for the procedure.

Go through any and all preparation instructions

You should have received some preparation instructions. These will tell you things like the importance of letting the doctor know about any medications you have been taking, how to drink the laxative solution they supplied you with, etc. You want to follow the instructions and make sure you call your doctor and ask for clarification if there is anything in the instructions that you don't understand.

Drinking the laxative solution

The laxative solution can be hard to drink. Not only is it not the most pleasant-tasting, but you have to drink a lot of it in a relatively short period of time. There are some things you can do to make it easier to drink. You can add a sugar-free flavored drink mix to the laxative solution to help improve its taste a bit. You can also drink it through a straw which helps it go down without hitting as many of your taste buds along the way.

The procedure

You will feel relaxed during the procedure due to the medications they give you. A flexible tube will be inserted into your colon through your rectum. It will be well-lubricated and it is not that thick; it's about the thickness of a finger, so it shouldn't be too uncomfortable. Air and sterilized water will be pumped into it in order to inflate your colon, so the camera on the tube can view all the lining.

The after effects

After the procedure, you will go to an area to recover until some of the effects of the medications wear off a bit. You may feel like you have gas and you may also pass gas. Don't try to hold it in, it's best to let it all out without fighting it. Once the effects of the medications wear off, you should feel like you are back to your normal self.

Have someone to drive you home

You will be given medications for the colonoscopy that will cause you to be groggy afterward. This means it won't be safe for you to drive yourself home, so you want to make sure you have someone else to get you home safely.

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