Tips To Help Prevent Seasonal Allergy Attacks

Seasonal allergies can be hard to deal with. You can't even go outside without having a sneezing fit, swollen eyes, or a sore throat. You may even experience other problems such as itchy eyes or skin irritation. If you have seasonal allergies, there are things you can do to help prevent allergy attacks and to minimize the symptoms. Read on for tips to help you this allergy season. 

Use Allergy Medication

Be proactive with your allergies and take medication daily to prevent attacks and to minimize the symptoms. Over-the-counter allergy medication can be used and can be beneficial. You may need to take the medication daily when pollen or mold counts are higher. You may even need something stronger than over-the-counter medication. Talk to your physician about which type of allergy medication you should use to lessen your symptoms.

Stay In When Possible

If your seasonal allergies are worsening each time you go outside, try avoiding going outside as much as possible during these times. Avoid being outside during very dry days and on very humid days. Also avoid being outside on very windy days when dust and dander are being stirred up in the air. 

Cover Up

It may feel odd, but if your allergies are that severe, you can use a breathing mask to cover your face and nose when you are outside. It's good to use a breathing mask at times when you have to actually be outside such as to mow the lawn or weed your yard. You can wear this mask to help you breathe easier when taking your dog for a walk as well.

Ventilate Your Home

Even when indoors your seasonal allergies may flare up. Be sure your home is well ventilated and you use fans or the air conditioner/furnace to help circulate the air. Using a good air filter with a HEPA filter inside will also help prevent flare-ups and attacks. Ventilating your home with the furnace or air conditioner, rather than opening the windows can help prevent attacks, as the outdoor air is going to have a higher pollen count.

Vacuum Your Home

Be sure to vacuum your home often to keep dust and dander down in your house to prevent allergy attacks while at home. Vacuum with a bagless vacuum and empty the canister after vacuuming. Dusting your home often can also prevent flare-ups.

Seasonal allergies can affect you at any age and can be difficult to deal with. Prevent these flare-ups by following the tips above. If you have an allergy attack or are experiencing new allergy symptoms, visit the Premier Urgent Care office for treatment.