3 Old-Fashioned Pieces Of Funeral Etiquette You No Longer Have To Follow

The times are changing — that's no secret. This applies not only to how people communicate and work but to how they handle life-changing events, including funerals. If you have been relying on your parents for funeral etiquette tips, then prepare to be surprised. A lot of old-timely funeral etiquette rules are no longer in play and do not need to be followed as closely anymore. Here are three rules you no longer have to follow at modern funerals.

Wearing Black

Years ago, when someone died, everyone dressed in a classic black suit or dress and headed to the funeral home. Black was meant to convey somberness and mourning. Today, however, many funerals have transformed from completely somber to having a bit of a celebratory tone. Families want to celebrate the life of the deceased, not just mourn their loss. And with this change in demeanor comes a change in wardrobe. While you may not want to show up in tie-dye or a bright pink suit, it's perfectly okay to wear colors other than black, such as gray, navy, and deep green, to a funeral.

Sending Flowers

Family members and friends of the deceased used to all send flowers to the immediate family. However, these days, this tradition is no longer such a big one since many people have come to see spending thousands of dollars on flowers as wasteful. Unless the family specifically requests flowers, you are better off donating to a charity in their name — if anything. Your presence at the funeral is considered, by most, to be enough of a gift.

Praying at the Casket

Years ago, if there was a viewing before the funeral, each person would take a turn praying in front of the casket. Since families and social groups now seem to contain people of various faiths and religious practices, this tradition has fallen away a bit in recent years. If you would like to pray in front of the casket, by all means, do so. But know that it is not expected of you and that most people will think nothing of it if you skip this practice.

Overall, funerals have become a lot more laid-back and less formal. As people have become busier and busier, your attendance alone will be appreciated by the family, and less attention will be paid to what you wear or how you act during the event.

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