Questions You May Have Before Having Your Loved One Cremated

The choice to have a loved one cremated is a very personal one. If you are leaning towards this option, know that cremation is a very honorable, earth-friendly, and affordable way to handle funeral preparations. Still, you are bound to have a few questions before you go forward with this endeavor. Here are a few of those questions along with the answers.

Will people think you are odd for choosing cremation?

While cremation is more common and accepted in some circles than others, it is by no means an odd or unusual approach to funeral preparation in the US. In 2016, more than 50% of Americans who passed away opted for cremation rather than burial. And studies suggest that cremation is only becoming more popular over time. If you make the decision to cremate, you (and your loved one) will be in good company. 

Do ordinary funeral homes offer cremation?

Some funeral homes do offer cremation, and others do not. However, if the funeral homes in your town do not offer cremation, they can certainly advise you as to where you can have this service carried out. If you want to have visitation hours or a service in a particular funeral home, but they do not offer cremation, you can arrange to have the ashes transported from the cremation service to the funeral home; most funeral homes have no problem with this when they do not offer cremation themselves.

Do you have to buy an urn?

It is often traditional to purchase an urn to keep your loved one's ashes in. However, this approach is completely optional. If you want to do something else with your loved one's ashes, such as scatter them in certain areas or bury them, you can just have the ashes given to you in a plain box, and then you may do what you please with them.

Is cremation the only way to plan an affordable funeral?

People often opt for cremation because it is affordable, but if it does not seem like the right choice for you, there are other affordable ways to deal with your loved one's remains. Consider a simple funeral with a simple casket, rather than a more expensive one. If you let your funeral director know that you're on a budget but prefer not to cremate, they can make recommendations with your financial needs in mind. Cremation is affordable, but that should not be the only reason you go this route.

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