What To Expect When Joining A Medical Weight Loss Program

Are you thinking about joining a medical weight loss program? Here are a few things to expect if you do choose to do so:

Doctor Supervision

One of the best reasons to join a medical weight loss program rather than trying to lose weight yourself is having the opportunity to get supervision, support, and guidance from a qualified physician. Being supervised by a doctor will help ensure that you don't do any harm to your health as you lose weight. They'll keep an eye on your blood tests, your nutrient levels, and your health progression when it comes to things like diabetes and high blood pressure. And they will make sure that your numbers stay healthy throughout the weight loss process.

FDA Approved Medication Options

Your medical weight loss regimen may include the use of hormonal treatments and appetite suppressants, which should be approved by the FDA to ensure your safety. Joining a medical weight loss program will give you access to FDA approved medication options that will help you lose weight without sacrificing your health. Any medications that haven't been proven effective and approved by the top regulatory agencies should never be recommended.

A Focus on Vitamins and Nutrients

In addition to helping you lose weight, a quality medical weight loss program is designed to focus on vitamins and nutrients. Your doctor will monitor your nutrition levels with the help of blood work and make sure that you don't become deficient in any one nutrient. The program will incorporate outdoor activities to help ensure proper vitamin D levels, and a focus will be placed on highly nutritious foods that taste good but that aren't filled with fat and empty calories. Calorie counting is an important part of weight loss, but where the calories come from is just as crucial.

Customized Dietary, Exercise, and Behavioral Counseling

You can also expect to get customized dietary and exercise advice based on things like your lifestyle, your goals, and your current habits when joining a medical weight loss program. The foods you eat, when you eat, and how you approach your relationship with food are just a few of the weight loss aspects you can expect to be customized just for your needs. The kind of exercise you do and how often you do it will also be customized. You can even expect to get customized behavioral counseling that's designed to change the way you think about food and how it affects your life.