Skip the Artificial Knee: How Artificial Fluid Changes Knee Surgery

If your doctor says you need knee surgery, you may be thinking that your whole life is ending. Many people feel that way because of the limited knowledge they have regarding knee replacements and artificial knees. Truth be told, medical science has advanced so far that you no longer need a complete knee replacement, dozens of stitches, endless pain, and weeks or months of physical therapy. Still, if you abhor the thought of having your patella (knee cap) and other knee-related bones removed and/or replaced, there is a better way: artificial knee fluid. Read More 

Adults With Congenital Heart Defects: When To See A Doctor

With over 35,000 babies born each year with a congenital heart defect, it has become the most common birth defect in the United States. Due to advances in medical care of this type of birth defect, more adults than ever are living with congenital heart defects (CHD). According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 1.4 million adults living with CHD. Many of these adults receive ongoing care for their defect. Read More 

Got Wrinkles Above Your Lip? 2 Procedures To Get Rid Of Them

If you see wrinkles above your upper lip, you need to take steps now to take care of them before they get worse. The most common reasons someone develops wrinkles in this area is due to aging. This is because as you age the collagen and elastin breaks down, which causes your skin to lose firmness. Smoking also plays a significant role in developing wrinkles in this area, as well as drinking from a straw, talking, and any repetitive mouth movements. Read More 

2 Reasons To Undergo Allergy Testing

Allergy testing is a very important tool and resource to have at your disposal because it can help you figure out exactly what you may be allergic to and how to go about treating your allergies appropriately. Listed below are two reasons to undergo allergy testing. Allergens Can Be Very Difficult To Identify One of the most important reasons to undergo allergy testing is the fact that there are so many different things that you can actually be allergic to in your everyday environment. Read More 

Family Caregiving: 3 Ways To Help Your Loved One’s Recovery After Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

The decision to have surgery to correct pelvic prolapse is personal, yet seeking medical attention for uncomfortable symptoms such as incontinence helps improve your loved one's quality of life. As your loved one's caregiver, it is important to realize that pelvic reconstructive surgery does require special care during the recovery period to ensure that the wound is able to heal completely. Use these tips to help your loved one through those first few weeks so that they have the best possible recovery. Read More