Should Your Child Have Tooth Whitening Treatments?

Parents of tweens and teens know that once their children reach a certain age, image is everything. Children can become very concerned about their appearance during this stage of life, and any perceived imperfection – like dull or yellowed teeth – may seem like a catastrophe to your child. But should you allow your teens or tweens to have their teeth whitened? Take a look at some things that you should know about children and tooth-whitening. Read More 

Choosing A Dentist For The Hearing Impaired: 5 Accommodations To Insist Upon

If you or a loved one are hearing impaired, you may realize how difficult it is to communicate effectively when having dental procedures performed. Going to the dentist may be stressful enough, but when communication is impaired, it can be all the more challenging. When choosing a dentist, look for those who use technology such as theintraoral camera and speech-to-text converters. The following accommodations may signify a deaf-friendly practice: 1. The Dentist Removes His or Her Mask When Communicating With the Hearing-Impaired Patient Read More 

Could Bad Dental Hygiene Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Studies show that problems with gum disease and tooth decay can sometimes cause or worsen health problems elsewhere in the body, including heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Research suggests that men may also need to worry about a more serious complication arising from poor dental hygiene that could seriously interfere with your relationship. Learn more about the link between good dental hygiene and erectile dysfunction, and find out how your teeth and gums could affect your sex life. Read More