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Common Treatment Options And Plans For Fighting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer begins when cells in the breast tissue begin to grow into a mass or tumor. If not detected early, it may metastasize (spread) to other areas of the body. This is why it's crucial to check for breast lumps or abnormalities periodically, as well as have mammographies performed on a regular basis. If you have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, the course of treatment may depend upon several factors, including your age, the stage or progression of the tumor and other health issues you may have. Read More 

Post Pregnancy Pain: Why Your Joints Are Aching & What You Can Do

Women who are pregnant are not only excited to give birth in order to meet their new baby, but also to gain relief from the many discomforts that pregnancy brings. One of the main complaints women have, particularly in the third trimester, is consistent joint pain as the body prepares for birth. However, now that you have delivered your baby, you might be dismayed to discover that your joint pain is still persistently present and is preventing you from getting back into the swing of things. Read More 

Diagnosed With Osteoarthritis At A Young Age? What Are Your Long-Term Treatment Options?

Whether you've suffered a sports-related injury as a teen that caused permanent damaged your knee cartilage or have worked a highly physical job for a decade or more, you may struggle with the joint aching and stiffness that accompanies the early onset of osteoarthritis. Left untreated or poorly managed, this condition could limit your range of motion and prevent you from participating in many activities you previously enjoyed. Read on to learn more about some ways you can help manage your osteoarthritis and prevent it from interfering with your daily life. Read More 

Dealing With Unexpected Side Effects Of Prohormones? What Are Your Natural Bodybuilding Options?

If you've been using testosterone-based prohormones as a legal and effective way to help build muscle mass or recover more quickly while training for a strength event, you may find yourself dealing with some unwanted or unexpected side effects -- from mood swings to breast swelling or tenderness. While prohormones can be key in quickly rising through the fitness ranks, in some cases you may find the side effects you're experiencing off-putting enough to cause you to stop taking prohormone-based supplements entirely. Read More 

Keratosis Pilaris: What It Is And What You Can Do To Treat This Common Skin Disorder

Are you plagued with small patches of red, bumpy skin that remind you of chicken skin? Do these patches seem to spring up all of the sudden and sometimes go away without warning? If so, you may be suffering from keratosis pilaris, a completely harmless and often annoying skin disorder that is very common amongst children and adults. Here are some facts about keratosis pilaris – including what you can do to treat this condition: Read More