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3 Eyeglass Features that Make them Nearly Unbreakable

If you have vision difficulties, then it is in your best interest to wear eyeglasses that are prescribed by an optometrist. Not only will your glasses help you to see when you read and drive, but the lenses can protect your eyes from dust, debris, and projectiles. However, it can be pretty expensive to keep replacing broken pairs. If you buy the right pair though, then you will not have to worry the glasses breaking or investing in so many new pairs. Read More 

Ultrasound In The Diagnosis Of Chest Pain

Experiencing chest pain is a scary ordeal if you don't know where the pain is coming from. In many cases, doctors will tell patients to proceed to the emergency room if they experience chest pain in the middle of the night, on a weekend or any other time when they cannot be seen by their primary care physicians quickly. Whether you go to the ER or your regular doctor is able to see you promptly, you will likely have some diagnostic tests to find out where the pain is coming from. Read More 

Choosing A Dentist For The Hearing Impaired: 5 Accommodations To Insist Upon

If you or a loved one are hearing impaired, you may realize how difficult it is to communicate effectively when having dental procedures performed. Going to the dentist may be stressful enough, but when communication is impaired, it can be all the more challenging. When choosing a dentist, look for those who use technology such as theintraoral camera and speech-to-text converters. The following accommodations may signify a deaf-friendly practice: 1. The Dentist Removes His or Her Mask When Communicating With the Hearing-Impaired Patient Read More 

My Baby’s Ear Wax: What Is Normal And When To Talk To Your Pediatrician

From diaper rash to sleep training, parents of a baby are bombarded with new challenges every day. However, one potential problem that many parents overlook or don't know to watch for is a baby with excess ear wax. Thankfully, in most cases your baby's ear wax buildup is safe and won't require a trip to the pediatrician. However, there are other times when the excess ear wax could signal a problem. Read More 

Knowledge For Newbies: Seven Particulars About Stair Lifts You May Not Have Known

If you have mobility issues, chances are you may benefit from installing a stair lift or chair lift for stairs in your two-story home, as it will help you move up and down the stairs safely. For someone inexperienced in the installation or use of chair/stair lifts, there are a few things to learn. You may want to familiarize yourself with the installation process as well as the options available to you. Read More