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4 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Clinical Blood Analyzer For Your Medical Office

If you work for a medical office that provides urgent or emergency care to patients, you may decide a clinical blood chemistry analyzer would be beneficial for your service. This would help you get blood results quicker than sending it out for a lab. When choosing the best analyzer to purchase, ask the representative following four questions. What Type Of Sample Is Needed? When asking questions about a prospective analyzing machine, ask what type of blood samples will be required. Read More 

3-Step Home Remedy For Treating A Stage 2 Bedsore On Your Home-Bound Elderly Parent

While taking care of your home-bound elderly parent, you may discover a reddened area on their heel or buttocks that does not disappear. If so, they have a stage one bedsore that needs treatment to prevent it from opening up and progressing. Along with other preventative measures, use the following three-step home remedy to treat the unopened sore. Step 1:  Apply A Raw Honey Dressing Applying raw honey directly to your loved one's bedsore helps to detoxify the area. Read More 

Overwhelmed By An Overbite? Causes, Concerns, And Treatments For Your Overbite

The underlying health of smile is important, but you placing emphasis on the look and feel of your teeth can offer enormous benefits. Unfortunately, only 30 to 40 percent of the population has perfectly aligned teeth. The other part of the population suffers with a form of malocclusion such as an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. If you are dealing with the overwhelming physical and emotional issues caused by your overbite, using this guide to understand the causes and treatment can help. Read More 

How To Select Appropriate Treatment For Three Types Of Chemical Dependency

If you or a loved one has developed a chemical dependency, it is important to identify the problem and seek help as soon as possible. However, with all of the stigma surrounding substance abuse and addiction, as well as the many types of treatment available, it may be difficult to assess where you should begin. To make sure you get the proper treatment to end or regulate your chemical dependency, it is important to identify which types of dependency you have and what types of treatment will work best for you. Read More 

Preventing Childhood Tooth Decay: How To Reduce Your Child’s Sugar Intake

Sugar is a major culprit when it comes to premature tooth decay in kids and adults. Changing your diet can be a result of changing your own eating habits, but it may be more difficult to convince your kids to eat their vegetables instead of eating brownies. Here are a few ways you can reduce your child's overall sugar intake and increase their dental health in the process. Water, Water, Everywhere Read More