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3 Old-Fashioned Pieces Of Funeral Etiquette You No Longer Have To Follow

The times are changing — that's no secret. This applies not only to how people communicate and work but to how they handle life-changing events, including funerals. If you have been relying on your parents for funeral etiquette tips, then prepare to be surprised. A lot of old-timely funeral etiquette rules are no longer in play and do not need to be followed as closely anymore. Here are three rules you no longer have to follow at modern funerals. Read More 

Yearly Eye Exams And The Treatment Of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease that doesn't show symptoms in the early stages. By the time you have visual disturbances because of glaucoma, you are already going to be dealing with some vision loss. Early detection of glaucoma is essential to preserving the vision you have. Yearly eye exams make it possible to test the pressure within your eye. If the pressure is elevated, this indicates that glaucoma could be present. Read More 

Play Sports? 3 Tips To Help You Avoid Back Pain

When you are playing a sport that you love, you can feel like you are on top of the world—that is until you completely overexert yourself and end up with a chronic back injury. Thankfully, it is possibly to avoid this by taking precautionary measures. To ensure that you are able to avoid back pain and injury while getting to continue to play and enjoy the sport that you love for years to come, here are three preventative tips to follow. Read More 

Tips To Help Prevent Seasonal Allergy Attacks

Seasonal allergies can be hard to deal with. You can't even go outside without having a sneezing fit, swollen eyes, or a sore throat. You may even experience other problems such as itchy eyes or skin irritation. If you have seasonal allergies, there are things you can do to help prevent allergy attacks and to minimize the symptoms. Read on for tips to help you this allergy season.  Use Allergy Medication Read More 

4 Reasons To Consider Getting Allergy Skin Tests

If you've been suffering from allergies of any sort, it can make everyday life stressful and uncomfortable. If you're looking for a solution and want to learn more about what exactly you're allergic to, you may be thinking about getting allergy skin tests. This is a great way to better educate yourself and take steps to improve your life for the better. An allergist can perform these tests for you. Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider getting allergy skin tests. Read More