Dealing With Unexpected Side Effects Of Prohormones? What Are Your Natural Bodybuilding Options?

If you've been using testosterone-based prohormones as a legal and effective way to help build muscle mass or recover more quickly while training for a strength event, you may find yourself dealing with some unwanted or unexpected side effects -- from mood swings to breast swelling or tenderness. While prohormones can be key in quickly rising through the fitness ranks, in some cases you may find the side effects you're experiencing off-putting enough to cause you to stop taking prohormone-based supplements entirely. Read More 

Keratosis Pilaris: What It Is And What You Can Do To Treat This Common Skin Disorder

Are you plagued with small patches of red, bumpy skin that remind you of chicken skin? Do these patches seem to spring up all of the sudden and sometimes go away without warning? If so, you may be suffering from keratosis pilaris, a completely harmless and often annoying skin disorder that is very common amongst children and adults. Here are some facts about keratosis pilaris – including what you can do to treat this condition: Read More 

Should Your Child Have Tooth Whitening Treatments?

Parents of tweens and teens know that once their children reach a certain age, image is everything. Children can become very concerned about their appearance during this stage of life, and any perceived imperfection – like dull or yellowed teeth – may seem like a catastrophe to your child. But should you allow your teens or tweens to have their teeth whitened? Take a look at some things that you should know about children and tooth-whitening. Read More 

How Massage Therapy Can Help Infants With Gas Pain

Newborn babies must adapt to a world of air after spending months in a watery womb. Many babies struggles with gas pains, which can prevent them from eating or sleeping well. It's hard to treat these pains with anything other than mild medication when a baby is very young. Therefore, many parents look for natural remedies. Fortunately, massage therapy can be one of the most effective remedies for newborns who are deemed " Read More 

3 Eyeglass Features that Make them Nearly Unbreakable

If you have vision difficulties, then it is in your best interest to wear eyeglasses that are prescribed by an optometrist. Not only will your glasses help you to see when you read and drive, but the lenses can protect your eyes from dust, debris, and projectiles. However, it can be pretty expensive to keep replacing broken pairs. If you buy the right pair though, then you will not have to worry the glasses breaking or investing in so many new pairs. Read More