Treatments Your Doctor Might Recommend for Your Stomach Ulcer

If you have burning pain in your stomach that keeps coming back, you may want to talk to your doctor about the possibility of a stomach ulcer. Pain is a common symptom of an ulcer, but you might also have nausea, bloating, or stomach bleeding. If your doctor thinks the symptoms you have could indicate an ulcer, you might be referred to a stomach doctor, or gastroenterologist, for testing and treatment. Read More 

The Treatments For A Wrist Fracture And What To Expect With Recovery

A wrist fracture is a possible outcome of a trip and fall accident. If you land with full force on your hand, the jolt could cause a bone fracture and the need for medical care. If the fractured wrist is on your dominant hand, you may be concerned about the recovery period and how long you'll go without the use of your hand. Here's a look at how your orthopaedic doctor may treat your broken wrist and what to expect with recovery. Read More 

3 Mistakes People Make Regarding Urgent Care

When you need medical care quickly, you might wonder if you should head into the emergency room or try an urgent care facility. Since urgent care services centers offer many of the same services as the emergency room, it can be confusing to know where to go. However, by understanding these common mistakes, you can better decide what is right for your situation. 1. Assuming Urgent Care Can't Help Because urgent care centers aren't always attached directly to a hospital, many patients assume they can't do much to help. Read More 

3 Tips For Dealing With Hearing Loss

It is not uncommon to deal with hearing loss as you get older. If this is something that you are dealing with, you could be wondering what steps you can take to make it through this tough situation. These are a few tips that can help you when you are dealing with hearing loss. 1. Work With Your Doctor First, it is important to work with your doctor while you are going through hearing loss. Read More 

Questions You May Have Before Having Your Loved One Cremated

The choice to have a loved one cremated is a very personal one. If you are leaning towards this option, know that cremation is a very honorable, earth-friendly, and affordable way to handle funeral preparations. Still, you are bound to have a few questions before you go forward with this endeavor. Here are a few of those questions along with the answers. Will people think you are odd for choosing cremation? Read More